Tsunao Okumura 奥村綱雄



Graduate School of International Social Sciences

Yokohoma National University

79-4 Tokiwadai Hodogayaku

Yokohama, 2408501, Japan

Email address: okumura  “at”  ynu.ac.jp






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Northwestern University, Economics, Ph.D. 2000 (Advisors: Gadi Barlevy, Charles Manski, Kiminori Matsuyama, Asher Wolinsky)

University of Tokyo, Economics, Ph.D. 1995            (Advisor: Kazuo Ueda)





NHK News Web「まるわかりノーベル賞」にインタビュー記事が掲載されました。「ノーベル経済学賞の注目の研究・予想は?  経済学賞


論文Wealth as a Signal in the Search Model of Money,” International Economic Review (2006)が、アメリカ経済学会の学術誌Journal of Economic Literature (2017)掲載のサーベイ論文Liquidity: A New Monetarist Perspective” (Lagos, R., G. Rocheteau, and R. Wright)に「第一世代モデル」として引用されました。


論文The Effect of Pension Reform on Pension-Benefit Expectations and Savings Decisions in Japan,” Applied Economics (2014)が、Handbook of the Economics of Population Aging (2016) 16Health and Long-Term CareE. C. Norton)に引用されました。




Sharing Housework between Husbands and Wives: How to Improve Martial Satisfaction for Working Wives in Japan,” with Mayu Kobayashi, Miki Kobayashi, and Emiko Usui, IZA Journal of Labor Policy, vol. 5, pp.1-15, October 2016.


Intergenerational Transmission of Skills and Differences in Labor Market Outcomes for Blacks and Whites,” with Emiko Usui, Research in Labor Economics, Special Issue on Inequality: Causes and Consequences, vol. 43, pp.227-286, February 2016.

(IZA Discussion paper 9662, 2016)


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(RIETI Discussion paper 11-E-065, 2011)


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(IZA Discussion paper 5324, 2010)



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Mathematical Appendix is available in “Wealth as a Signal in the Search Model of Money,” CMS-EMS Discussion Paper No. 1401, Northwestern University, June 2005


 “Interdependence of Supply and Demand Shocks in East Asia: Nonparametric Approach”

Annual meetings of the Midwest Econometric Group (USA)

East Asian Economic Association (Hong Kong)

           Japanese Economic Association and Yokohama Conference

Econometric Society Summer Meeting (USA)


“Housing Investment and Residential Land Supply in Japan: An Asset Market Approach,” Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, Vol.11 (1), pp.27-54, February 1997


“Macroeconomic Interdependence and the Scope for Policy Coordination in the Asia-Pacific Region” with Masahiro Kawai.

A paper presented to the first international symposium “Macroeconomic Interdependence in the Asia-Pacific Region,” sponsored by the Economic Research Institute, Economic Planning Agency (January 30-31, 1996).


In Japanese:


識別とは何か」、『経済セミナー増刊 進化する経済学の実証分析』所収、20169月、日本評論社


部分識別入門」第1回―第6回、『経済セミナー 201545月号―201623月号』 日本評論社


部分識別とその応用:処置効果を中心に」 日本経済学会2015春季大会 チュートリアルセッション 招待講演 (2015523日、新潟)


「東アジア地域におけるマクロ経済的相互依存」(河合正弘氏との共著)アジアの金融 資本市場-自由化と相互依存河合正弘編、日本経済新聞社(所収)第10章、pp2173381996








Macroeconomics (Master course in English at Public Policy and Taxation (PPT) program)

Monetary Economics (Master course)

        Nonparametric Methods and Applications (Doctor course)


  Undergraduate: Money and Banking